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TODO items: make cl behave a bit more like a shell. Make it native CL.

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TODO for cl-launch as of
TODO for cl-launch as of
* When resuming from an image then dumping another, the INCLUDE_PATH
becomes a very bad variable to look for the image.
......@@ -19,3 +19,19 @@ TODO for cl-launch as of
in cl-launch, but will hopefully support it in XCVB that can do the
bookkeeping on its side.
* Add support for the REPL and/or interpreting commands from stdin;
it can be called explicitly with --repl
or disabled explicitly with --no-repl,
but it otherwise provided as the default fallback behavior
when neither script nor build or execution command is provided.
This brings behavior to par with /bin/sh.
For extra brownies, automatically wrap inside rlwrap or some such
if at the terminal (or conversely, disable GNU CLISP interactivity
when not wanted).
* Convert cl-launch to a pure Lisp program, that can
create a shell script for bootstrap purposes?
Therefore, /usr/bin/cl can have fast startup,
and not have to spawn an external program
unless explicitly requested a non-default implementation.
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