Commit 35fc4d13 authored by x0r's avatar x0r
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Make the X-Mailer header suppressable

In some scenarios, it may be desirable to suppress the X-Mailer header in
e-mails completely, because revealing the name and versions of the software used
to send e-mails may be a security concern.

This patch enables suppressing the X-Mailer header by binding
parent 2112657b
......@@ -438,9 +438,10 @@
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Subject: ~A"
subject :external-format external-format)))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "X-Mailer: ~A"
*x-mailer* :external-format external-format)))
(when *x-mailer*
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "X-Mailer: ~A"
*x-mailer* :external-format external-format))))
(when reply-to
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Reply-To: ~A"
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