Commit 81327d3b authored by Jan Idzikowski's avatar Jan Idzikowski
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new version 20071018.1

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Version 20071018.1
Reverted the non allegro base64 functionality in attachment.lisp,
now it is used cl-base64 again. Thanks Attila Lendvai for the bug report.
Change attachments.lisp, cl-smtp.asd, CHANGELOG
Version 20070904.1
Remove implementation dependent sockets code by adding usocket dependency.
Change cl-smtp.asd cl-smtp.lisp README INSTALL
(remove acl.lisp clisp.lisp cmucl.lisp sbcl.lisp lispworks.lisp openmcl.lisp)
Version 20060404.1
"ADD" support for attachment, thanks Brian Sorg for the implementation
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
(print ,str)))
(asdf:defsystem :cl-smtp
:version "20070904.1"
:version "20071018.1"
:depends-on (:usocket #-allegro :cl-base64)
:components ((:file "cl-smtp" :depends-on ("attachments"))
(:file "attachments")))
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