Commit e53502c7 authored by Jan Idzikowski's avatar Jan Idzikowski
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don't set multipart header when send pure text message

parent 10018ea9
......@@ -90,9 +90,10 @@
(open-smtp-connection sock :authentication authentication)
(send-smtp-headers sock :from from :to to :cc cc :bcc bcc :reply-to reply-to :display-name display-name :extra-headers extra-headers :subject subject)
sock :attachment-boundary (when attachments boundary)
:html-boundary html-boundary)
(when (or attachments html-message)
sock :attachment-boundary (when attachments boundary)
:html-boundary html-boundary))
;;----------- Send the body Message ---------------------------
;;--- Send the proper headers depending on plain-text,
;;--- multi-part or html email
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