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    Get fully rid of operation initargs · 6bb7aa6b
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    ASDF never supported operation initargs, and its component-operation-times
    always assumed that two operations of the same class were equivalent.
    Make it explicitly so and enforce it.
    Do NOT pass keys from operate to make-instance operation.
    Catch any attempt to create an operation with initargs and raise an error.
    Make sure no operation class has any slot that isn't :allocation :class
    (with some MOP magic we could do it in at class definition time,
    but that's not portable enough and we don't want to reimplement closer-mop
    or depend on it.)
    This is a preliminary to allowing CONS instead of NODE-FOR to identify actions,
    whether or not we want to allow some form of initargs in the future.
    Remove MAKE-BUILD that depended on the unsupported operation initargs.
    Use PROGRAM-OP on a PROGRAM-SYSTEM instead.
    Remove the confusingly misnamed and not-so-useful BUILD-SYSTEM function;
    it can be done better in userland.