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    Fix monolithic-dll-op on ECL · 5e85031c
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    Use required-components in a way that is more robust when
    *load-system-operation* is load-bundle-op rather than load-op,
    by using basic-compile-op and/or basic-load-op as the :keep-operation
    rather than compile-op or load-op respectively.
    Test-bundle was passing the first time around, but not the second time.
    The first time, it was only passing because the appropriate file were
    loaded while building the dependencies of the target monolithic dll;
    but monolithic-dll-op was already buggy and not linking all these dependencies.
    The second time around, there was no building step and the proper dependencies
    had failed to be linked in, so the loading failed.
    This fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/asdf/+bug/1626994