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and the ability to deliver standalone executables.
Its notable versions include pre-release 2.27 on February 1st 2013,
first stable release 3.0.1 on May 16th 2013,
major releases 3.1.2 on May 6th 2014 and 3.2.0 on January 10th 2017,
and latest release 3.2.1 on April 3rd 2017.
major releases 3.1.2 on May 6th 2014,
3.2.0 on January 10th 2017 and 3.3.0 on October 6th 2017,
and latest release 3.3.1 on November 4th 2017.
<a id="what_it_is"></a>
<h3>What it is</h3>
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About the latest developments in ASDF 3.2 and ASDF 3.3, see our demo
<cite><a href=""
>Delivering Common Lisp Applications with ASDF 3.3</a></cite>
(<a href="">PDF</a>,
(2-page <a href="">PDF</a>,
<a href="">slides</a>,
<a href="">git</a>).
Regarding the internal design of ASDF in general,
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<dt>November 2017</dt>
<dd>Release of 3.3.1: bugfix release for 3.3.0 addressing
one backwards-incompatibility issue with timestamp
computations, and other minor tweaks.</dd>
a backwards-incompatibility issue with timestamp computations,
and other minor breakage.</dd>
<dt>October 2017</dt>
<dd>Release of 3.3.0, with substantial revision to the build
plan, adding correct handling of
<code>DEFSYSTEM-DEPENDS-ON</code> dependencies.</dd>
<dd>Release of 3.3.0, with substantial revision to the build plan
to correct handle multiple phases of loading, due to e.g.
<code>DEFSYSTEM-DEPENDS-ON</code> dependencies.</dd>
<dt>April 2017</dt>
<dd>Release of 3.2.1, with many small bugfixes and cleanups.
Presentation at ELS 2017 about ASDF 3.3.
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<a class="nav" href="" title="hacker"> <img src="" width="80" height="15" title="hacker emblem" alt="hacker button" /></a>
<a class="nav" href="" title="Association of Lisp Users"> <img src="" width="80" height="15" title="ALU emblem" alt="ALU button" /></a>
<a class="nav" href="" title=""> <img src="" width="80" height="15" title="" alt=" button" /></a>
<p><span class="copyright"Copyright &copy; 2001-2016 Daniel Barlow and contributors</span></p>
<p><span class="copyright"Copyright &copy; 2001-2017 Daniel Barlow and contributors</span></p>
<p>ASDF has an <a href="">MIT style</a> license</p>
<div id="timestamp">Last updated 2017-04-30</div>
<div id="timestamp">Last updated 2017-12-01</div>
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