Commit 42986b56 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Refine warning handling.

Refine the printing of such warnings.

Later we may wish to export this condition, if we can identify when it
should be muffled.
parent 6cba911f
......@@ -246,6 +246,24 @@ initialized with SEED."
;; so they need not refer to the state of the filesystem,
;; and the stamps could be cryptographic checksums rather than timestamps.
;; Such a change remarkably would only affect COMPUTE-ACTION-STAMP.
(define-condition dependency-not-done (warning)
:initarg :op)
:initarg :component)
:initarg :dep-op)
:initarg :dep-component)
:initarg :plan
:initform nil))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(with-slots (op component dep-op dep-component plan) condition
(format stream "Computing just-done stamp ~@[in plan ~S~] for action ~S, but dependency ~S wasn't done yet!"
(action-path (make-action op component))
(action-path (make-action dep-op dep-component)))))))
(defmethod compute-action-stamp (plan (o operation) (c component) &key just-done)
;; Given an action, figure out at what time in the past it has been done,
......@@ -279,10 +297,10 @@ initialized with SEED."
;; It's OK to lose some ASDF action stamps during self-upgrade
(unless (equal "asdf" (primary-system-name dc))
(warn "Computing just-done stamp in plan ~S for action ~S, but dependency ~S wasn't done yet!"
(action-path (make-action o c))
(action-path (make-action do dc))))
(warn 'dependency-not-done
:plan plan
:op o :component c
:dep-op do :dep-component dc))
(return (values nil nil))))))
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