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......@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ that are often wrong in systems seen in the wild.
* [Source File Types](#source_types)
* [Conditional Outputs and Conditional Perform](#conditional_outputs)
- [Other](#other)
+ [Syntax Control](#syntax_control)
+ [Using ASDF Internals](#using_asdf_internals)
<a name="trivial_examples"></a>Trivial Examples
......@@ -881,6 +883,8 @@ all those `perform`, `output-files` and `input-files` methods.
<a name="other"></a>Other
### <a name="syntax_control"></a>Syntax Control
Do not side-effect the current `*readtable*`,
which is never guaranteed to be writable, and
may not be what is current when you need the modification.
......@@ -890,3 +894,28 @@ To bind the readtable, use `named-readtables:in-readtable` or `cl-syntax:in-synt
in each file that needs a non-standard readtable, and/or use an `:around-compile` hook
to automatically bind it around every file in a module or system.
See the syntax-control document (in the syntax-control branch if it wasn't merged yet).
### <a name="using_asdf_internals"></a>Using ASDF Internals
At times, you will have to use some ASDF internals to get your software to work.
When this happens, follow these rules to minimize the breakage associated to bitrot:
* You MUST use the `asdf::` package prefix rather than `asdf/foo:`
to name the symbols internal to ASDF.
Indeed, from one version of ASDF to the next,
which internal package a symbol will reside in may change;
for instance `asdf/find-system:primary-system-name` recently became
(it is still present, not exported, in the former system);
but it is always present (though not currently exported) in package `asdf`.
* When you use internals, you MUST notify the ASDF maintainers, and request
that they either export the symbol and support the API, or
offer an alternative API more to their liking for the same functionality.
Otherwise, they will be justified in modifying internals
that no one is supposed to use, and they will blame you when
they later change or remove these internals and your software breaks.
Note that the latter point is true of all software, not just ASDF.
......@@ -330,14 +330,17 @@
<a title="GNU Common Lisp" href="">GCL</a>,
<a title="Macintosh Common Lisp" href="">MCL</a>
<td align="left">XCL</td></tr>
<td align="left"><a href="">XCL</a></td></tr>
<tr><th align="left">Proprietary</th>
<td align="left">
<a href="">Allegro</a>,
<a href="">LispWorks</a>
<td align="left"></td>
<td align="left">Genera, mocl, SCL</td></tr>
<td align="left">
<a href="">Genera</a>,
<a href="">mocl</a>,
<a title="Scieneer Common Lisp" href="">SCL</a></td></tr>
To deal with an implementation that does not yet provide ASDF 3.1 or later,
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