Commit 789b75a8 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons Committed by Robert Goldman
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Revive the call to INSTALL-PACKAGE-LOCAL-NICKNAMES from !167

It got lost in an earlier rebase of this branch.
parent cb00a919
......@@ -636,13 +636,15 @@ or when loading the package is optional."
(defun install-package-local-nicknames (destination-package new-nicknames)
;; First, remove all package-local nicknames. (We'll reinstall any desired ones later.)
(dolist (pair-to-remove (package-local-nicknames destination-package))
(remove-package-local-nickname (string (car pair-to-remove)) destination-package))
(dolist (pair-to-remove (uiop/package-local-nicknames:package-local-nicknames destination-package))
(string (car pair-to-remove)) destination-package))
;; Then, install all desired nicknames.
(loop :for (nickname package) :in new-nicknames
:do (add-package-local-nickname (string nickname)
(find-package package)
:do (uiop/package-local-nicknames:add-package-local-nickname
(string nickname)
(find-package package)
(defun ensure-package (name &key
nicknames documentation use
......@@ -694,15 +696,7 @@ or when loading the package is optional."
(rename-package package package-name nicknames)
;; Handle local nicknames
(let* ((existing-nicknames (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (string (car x)))
(uiop/package-local-nicknames:package-local-nicknames package)))
(new-nicknames (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (string (first x))) local-nicknames))
(to-remove (set-difference existing-nicknames new-nicknames :test 'equal)))
(map () #'(lambda (x) (uiop/package-local-nicknames:remove-package-local-nickname x package))
(loop :for (nick-str package-str) :in local-nicknames
:do (uiop/package-local-nicknames:add-package-local-nickname
nick-str package-str package)))
(install-package-local-nicknames package local-nicknames)
(dolist (name unintern)
(multiple-value-bind (existing status) (find-symbol name package)
(when status
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