Commit a74112e0 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau Committed by Elias Pipping
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Avoid using launch-program altogether on CLISP

parent b0594e19
......@@ -857,8 +857,8 @@ race conditions."
((os-unix-p) (%posix-send-signal process-info (if urgent 9 15)))
((os-windows-p) (if-let (pid (process-info-pid process-info))
(run-program (format nil "taskkill ~a /pid ~a"
(if urgent "/f" "") pid)
(run-program (format nil "taskkill ~:[~;/f ~]/pid ~a"
urgent pid)
:ignore-error-status t)))
(t (not-implemented-error 'terminate-process))))
......@@ -1062,9 +1062,15 @@ race conditions."
#+(and lispworks os-windows)
(system:call-system %command :current-directory directory :wait t)
(apply 'launch-program %command :wait t
:input :interactive :output :interactive :error-output :interactive keys))
(let ((raw-exit-code
#.`(#+os-windows ,@'(ext:run-shell-command %command)
#+os-unix ,@'(ext:run-program "/bin/sh" :arguments `("-c" ,%command))
:wait t :input :terminal :output :terminal)
(if (minusp raw-exit-code)
(- 128 raw-exit-code)
#-(or clisp (and lispworks os-windows))
(with-current-directory ((os-cond ((not (os-unix-p)) directory)))
#+abcl (ext:run-shell-command %command) ;; FIXME: deprecated
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