Commit ae732541 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Merge branch 'slime' into 'master'

Fix SLIME with more kludgery

Have operation-forced be constantly nil, not t

As of 2016-10-01, SLIME doesn't actually want to be reloaded, and dies badly
when swank-loader:init is called with :delete t. So have operation-forced
return constantly nil instead of constantly t.

See merge request !33
parents a37ed108 545ab9ff
......@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
#:error-component #:error-operation #:traverse
#:operation-on-failure #:operation-on-warnings #:on-failure #:on-warnings
......@@ -41,21 +40,6 @@
;; Old deprecated name for the same thing. Please update your software.
(component-sideway-dependencies component))
(defgeneric operation-forced (operation)
(:documentation "DEPRECATED. Assume it's (constantly t) instead."))
;; This method exists for backward compatibility with swank.asd, its only user,
;; that still uses it as of 2016-09-21.
;; The magic PERFORM method in swank.asd only actually loads swank if it sees that
;; the operation was forced. But except for the first time, the only reason the action
;; would be performed to begin with is because it was forced; and the first time over,
;; it doesn't hurt that :reload t :delete t should be used. So the check is redundant.
;; More generally, if you have to do something when the operation was forced,
;; you should also do it when not, and vice-versa, because it really shouldn't matter.
;; Thus, the backward-compatible thing to do is to always return T.
(defmethod operation-forced ((o operation)) t)
;; These old interfaces from ASDF1 have never been very meaningful
;; but are still used in obscure places.
(defgeneric operation-on-warnings (operation)
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