Commit b4815f7c authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons Committed by Robert Goldman
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Add test-docker-lisp, td, and test-docker-repl to Makefile

Some useful helpers for testing locally using Docker.
parent 2bb8c167
......@@ -78,6 +78,9 @@ SBCL ?= sbcl
SCL ?= scl
XCL ?= xcl
# If you need to sudo in order to use docker, modify this.
DOCKER ?= docker
header_lisp := header.lisp
driver_lisp := uiop/package.lisp uiop/common-lisp.lisp uiop/utility.lisp uiop/version.lisp uiop/os.lisp uiop/pathname.lisp uiop/filesystem.lisp uiop/stream.lisp uiop/image.lisp uiop/lisp-build.lisp uiop/launch-program.lisp uiop/run-program.lisp uiop/configuration.lisp uiop/backward-driver.lisp uiop/driver.lisp
defsystem_lisp := upgrade.lisp session.lisp component.lisp operation.lisp system.lisp system-registry.lisp action.lisp lisp-action.lisp find-component.lisp forcing.lisp plan.lisp operate.lisp find-system.lisp parse-defsystem.lisp bundle.lisp concatenate-source.lisp package-inferred-system.lisp output-translations.lisp source-registry.lisp backward-internals.lisp backward-interface.lisp interface.lisp user.lisp footer.lisp
......@@ -204,6 +207,15 @@ test-lisp: build/asdf.lisp show-version
t: test-lisp
# Useful for reproducing test failures with Docker.
@${DOCKER} run --rm -i -t --pull always -u $(shell id -u):$(shell id -g) -v $(sourceDirectory):$(sourceDirectory) -w $(sourceDirectory)/test clfoundation/${l}:latest
test-docker-lisp: build/asdf.lisp show-version
@${DOCKER} run --rm -i -t --pull always -u $(shell id -u):$(shell id -g) -v $(sourceDirectory):$(sourceDirectory) -w $(sourceDirectory) clfoundation/${l}:latest make test-lisp l=${l} t=${t}
td: test-docker-lisp
test: test-lisp test-clean-load test-load-systems
test-load-systems: build/asdf.lisp show-version
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