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Merge branch 'epipping/asdf-misc-clasp-improvements' into epipping/asdf-feature-cleanup

parents 7e361dc2 8fb41856
Subproject commit 5a17c072970cf50213f7f896c40e6e640638391f
Subproject commit 926a066611b7b11cb71e26c827a271e500888c30
Subproject commit 220b8cab5caeef592690e662e07e694162c4bdaa
Subproject commit 1698221a6ff49126d4f023d1d260f6f8c1cb41bf
Subproject commit 35c5266061d365afc78d9640e9e17c3f891fea91
Subproject commit 0f6fe804f83cf5c3ebac67167bd6409de591ea78
Subproject commit 4bdfd472c06b6e14e55508405bbf3983c74f8414
Subproject commit a2922915646a4a03b4307b9e91c4df2b2cfcce7b
Subproject commit 1d9bda2c1a6c7abce885411f58b2318c37b76bbd
Subproject commit 1a4f345d7911b403d07a5f300e6006ce3efa4047
Subproject commit 25f0c1c15f38c54272f9f1c81f30797bb7be8d00
Subproject commit e1f6378d75cea9eed243a793efa90cec55e401cb
Subproject commit 0a55ecc11cf564a13f443dd8916d00449b100636
Subproject commit 5134c7354e2c76241731a6c10cb925795ccf2608
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ usage () {
echo " allegro_s, allegro8_s, allegromodern_s, allegromodern8_s (SMP variants)"
echo " allegro_64, allegro8_64, allegromodern_64, allegromodern8_64 (64-bit variants),"
echo " allegro_64_s, allegro8_64_s, allegromodern_64_s, allegromodern8_64_s, (SMP, 64-bit variants)"
echo " clisp, cmucl, ecl, gcl, sbcl, scl and xcl."
echo " clasp, clisp, cmucl, ecl, gcl, sbcl, scl and xcl."
echo " To configure the script, you may set environment variables to point to the various lisp runtimes."
echo " Allegro CL is a special case: instead of setting environment variables for the specific runtime"
echo " locations, you may simply specify the Allegro install directories using these variables:"
......@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ Some constraints:
#+(or cmucl scl) (c::brevity 2) #+(or cmucl scl) (ext:inhibit-warnings 3)))
(unless (assoc "script" core:*load-hooks* :test #'equal)
(push (cons "script" 'core:load-source) core:*load-hooks*))
(unless (assoc "script" si:*load-hooks* :test #'equal)
(push (cons "script" 'si:load-source) si:*load-hooks*))
(defparameter *trace-symbols*
`(;; If you want to trace some stuff while debugging ASDF,
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