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......@@ -10,4 +10,16 @@ We urge implementations that are currently bundling previous versions of ASDF --
Here is the changelog entry for 3.3.1:
FIXME: Changelog here.
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cl-asdf (2:3.3.167-1) unstable; urgency=low
New milestone:
* UIOP compatibility fix: Introduced new replacement "timestamp"
comparison functions, because of inadvertent change in the
API. Functions that are compatible with the old semantics are retained
as "stamp" comparison functions, but will eventually be deprecated.
* Upgrade fix: Upgrade from 3.2.1 needed repair.
* Syntax manipulation: Fix for bugs that could be introduced when the
default readtable was manipulated during the loading of a
defsystem-depends-on system.
* Tests: tests for new capabilities and bugs
* Documentation: a number of improvements and clarifications.
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