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Cross-compile from x86 to sparc64 works

Of course, this is still just a plain sparc 32 build, but
this means things are in good shape for real sparc64 work.

What happened: On darwin:

bin/ sparc64-xtarget sparc64_sunc
bin/ sparc64-xcross sparc64_sunc
bin/ -c sparc64-xtarget/ sparc64-xcross/  src/tools/cross-scripts>/cross-x86-sparc64.lisp cmulisp


tar cjf sparc64.tar.bz2 sparc64-xtarget
ssh sparc64.tar.bz2 <smalltalk>

On smalltalk:
tar xjf sparc64.tar.bz2
bin/ sparc64-xtarget
bin/load-world -p sparc64-xtarget
bin/ -b sparc64 -C sparc64_sunc -o sparc64-xtarget/lisp/lisp

When this is finished, install it somewhere and do bin/
using the new binary.  All tests passed.