Commit 430275f3 authored by Zach Beane's avatar Zach Beane
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Some portable process cleanup.

Define the protocol in a cleaner way and manage *ALL-PROCESSES* more carefully.
parent 3688a53f
......@@ -54,15 +54,15 @@
(defgeneric mp:process-allow-schedule ()
(:method ()
(process-yield *current-process*)))
(yield *current-process*)))
(defgeneric mp:process-kill (process)
(:method (process)
(process-kill process)))
(kill process)))
(defgeneric mp:process-preset (process fun &rest args)
(:method (process fun &rest args)
(apply #'process-preset process fun args )))
(apply #'preset process fun args )))
(defgeneric mp:process-run-function (name-or-plist function &rest arguments)
(:method ((name string) function &rest arguments)
......@@ -4,18 +4,24 @@
(defvar *current-process* nil)
(defvar *all-processes* nil)
(defvar *process-list-lock* (make-lock "process list lock"))
(defgeneric name (process))
(defgeneric (setf name) (new-value process))
(defgeneric add-run-reason (process object))
(defgeneric revoke-run-reason (process object))
(defgeneric reasons-condition-variable (process))
(defgeneric reasons-lock (process))
(defgeneric startablep (process))
(defgeneric runnablep (process))
(defgeneric killedp (process))
(defgeneric wait-until-runnable (process))
(defgeneric enable (process))
(defgeneric kill (process))
(defgeneric preset (process fun &rest args))
(defgeneric yield (process))
(defgeneric state (process))
(defgeneric (setf state) (new-value process))
......@@ -24,20 +30,29 @@
(defgeneric initial-arguments (process))
(defgeneric (setf initial-arguments) (new-value process))
(defun add-to-all-processes (process)
(with-lock-held (*process-list-lock*)
(push process *all-processes*)))
(defun remove-from-all-processes (process)
(with-lock-held (*process-list-lock*)
(setf *all-processes* (delete process *all-processes*))))
(defun make-process-function-wrapper (process)
(lambda ()
(let ((*current-process* process))
(catch 'killed
(when (killedp process)
(return :killed))
(setf (state process) :reset)
(wait-until-runnable process)
(setf (state process) :running)
(apply (initial-function process) (initial-arguments process))
(unless (reset-action process)
(return (setf (state process) :finished))))))))
(let ((*current-process* process))
(catch 'killed
(when (killedp process)
(return :killed))
(setf (state process) :reset)
(wait-until-runnable process)
(setf (state process) :running)
(apply (initial-function process) (initial-arguments process))
(unless (reset-action process)
(return (setf (state process) :finished))))))
(remove-from-all-processes process))))
(defclass process ()
......@@ -109,21 +124,22 @@
(when fun
(start process)))))
(defmethod process-enable ((process process))
(defmethod enable ((process process))
(push :enable (run-reasons process))
(start process))
(defmethod killedp ((process process))
(eql (state process) :killed))
(defgeneric process-kill (process)
(:method ((process process))
(setf (state process) :killed)
(defmethod kill ((process process))
(setf (state process) :killed)
(when (thread process)
(interrupt-thread (thread process)
(lambda () (throw 'killed nil)))
(lambda () (throw 'killed nil))))
(remove-from-all-processes process)
(defun process-preset (process fun &rest args)
(defmethod preset ((process process) fun &rest args)
(setf (initial-function process) fun)
(setf (initial-arguments process) args)
(maybe-start process)
......@@ -132,7 +148,6 @@
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((process process) &key &allow-other-keys)
(maybe-start process))
(defmethod wait-until-runnable ((process process))
(cond ((run-reasons process)
......@@ -158,13 +173,13 @@
(defun make-process (name &key (class 'process) initial-bindings)
(let ((process (make-instance class :initial-bindings initial-bindings
:name name)))
(push process *all-processes*)
(add-to-all-processes process)
(defun %make-process (&key name (class 'process) initial-bindings)
(make-process name :class class :initial-bindings initial-bindings))
(defun process-yield (process)
(defmethod yield ((process process))
(unless (eq process *current-process*)
(error "Can't yield other processes"))
......@@ -174,9 +189,9 @@
(copy-list name-or-keywords)
(list :name name-or-keywords)))
(process (apply #'%make-process plist)))
(apply #'process-preset process function arguments)
(apply #'preset process function arguments)
(setf (reset-action process) nil)
(process-enable process)
(enable process)
(defun current-process ()
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