Commit 7afed378 authored by Zach Beane's avatar Zach Beane
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Fix semantics of NET.URI:COPY-URI.

The default args to all keywords must be populated to produce a valid copy.
parent 78155238
......@@ -52,7 +52,15 @@
(setf (uri-scheme (real-uri uri)) new-value))
(defun net.uri:copy-uri (uri &key scheme userinfo host port path query fragment)
(defun net.uri:copy-uri (uri
(scheme (net.uri:uri-scheme uri))
(userinfo (net.uri:uri-userinfo uri))
(host (net.uri:uri-host uri))
(port (net.uri:uri-port uri))
(path (net.uri:uri-path uri))
(query (net.uri:uri-query uri))
(fragment (net.uri:uri-fragment uri)))
(copy-uri (real-uri uri)
:scheme scheme
:userinfo userinfo
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