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Added reference in about using Allegro CL for best

aserve performance.
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......@@ -76,6 +76,19 @@ the maintainers will see them.
**Possibly slow**. Using generic functions and portability layers will
be slower than running aserve natively on Allegro CL. There aren't
many ways around it. If you have a specific performance issue that
you'd like ZACL to address, [get in touch](
many ways around it. If you do have a specific performance issue when
running with ZACL that you would like to see ZACL try to address, then
please [open an
Issue]( or [get in
With that said, AllegroServe will always run best on its native
platform, which is [Allegro
CL]( So if you want
to run AllegroServe for mission-critical or performance-critical
applications, then you may want to consider investing [Allegro
CL]( This option also
comes with the benefit of the dedicated, world-class [support from
Franz Inc. engineers](
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