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Updated to track latest AllegroServe. Bumped purported ACL version to 10.1

parent 1ed48f83
# Output
......@@ -543,3 +543,130 @@ values otherwise."
(defun excl:fasl-read (file)
(with-open-file (stream file :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(restore stream)))
;;; BASE64
(defun excl:base64-string-to-string (string)
;; given a base64 string, return it decoded.
;; beware: the result will not be a simple string
(let ((res (make-array (length string) :element-type 'character
:fill-pointer 0
:adjustable t))
(arr *base64-decode*))
(declare (type (simple-array (unsigned-byte 8) (128)) arr))
(do ((i 0 (+ i 4))
((>= i (length string)))
; for multiline decoding, ignore cr and lfs
(let ((ch (char string i)))
(if* (or (eq ch #\linefeed) (eq ch #\return))
then (incf i)
(if* (>= i (length string))
then (return-from excl:base64-string-to-string))
else (return))))
(let ((val (+ (ash (aref arr (char-code (char string i))) 18)
(ash (aref arr (char-code (char string (+ i 1)))) 12)
(ash (aref arr (char-code
(setq cha (char string (+ i 2)))))
(aref arr (char-code
(setq chb (char string (+ i 3))))))))
(vector-push-extend (code-char (ash val -16)) res)
;; when the original size wasn't a mult of 3 there may be
;; non-characters left over
(if* (not (eq cha #\=))
then (vector-push-extend (code-char (logand #xff (ash val -8))) res))
(if* (not (eq chb #\=))
then (vector-push-extend (code-char (logand #xff val)) res))))
(defun excl:string-to-base64-string (str)
;; take the given string and encode as a base64 string
;; beware: the result will not be a simple string
(let ((output (make-array (ceiling (* 1.3 (length str)))
:element-type 'character
:fill-pointer 0
:adjustable t))
v1 v2 v3 eol
(from 0)
(max (length str))
(if* (>= from max)
then (return))
(setq v1 (char-code (schar str from)))
(incf from)
(if* (>= from max)
then (setq v2 0
eol t)
else (setq v2 (char-code (schar str from))))
(incf from)
; put out first char of encoding
(vector-push-extend (schar *base64-encode* (logand #x3f
(ash v1 -2)))
; put out second char of encoding
(vector-push-extend (schar *base64-encode*
(+ (ash (logand 3 v1) 4)
(logand #xf (ash v2 -4))))
(if* eol
then ; two pads
(vector-push-extend #\= output)
(vector-push-extend #\= output)
(if* (>= from max)
then (setq v3 0
eol t)
else (setq v3 (char-code (schar str from))))
(incf from)
; put out third char of encoding
(vector-push-extend (schar *base64-encode*
(+ (ash (logand #xf v2) 2)
(logand 3 (ash v3 -6))))
(if* eol
then (vector-push-extend #\= output)
; put out fourth char of encoding
(vector-push-extend (schar *base64-encode* (logand #x3f v3))
;;; Microtime
(defconstant excl::base-for-internal-real-time -455615030)
(defun excl::acl-internal-real-time ()
(values (- (get-universal-time) 4165516800)
(/ (local-time:nsec-of (local-time:now)) 1000)))
......@@ -231,7 +231,10 @@
(:export #:sm
(:export #:string-to-base64-string
(defpackage #:ff
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
(defparameter *allegro-feature-symbols*
(defparameter *allegro-version-feature* :zacl-allegro-10-0)
(defparameter *allegro-version-feature* :zacl-allegro-10-1)
(defparameter *allegro-latest-feature* :zacl-latest-allegro)
(defun allegro-conditional-p (expression)
......@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@
:serial t
:components ((:file "package")
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