Commit ab1a0520 authored by Zach Beane's avatar Zach Beane
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Wrap all socket activity up in a ZACL-SOCKET.

This gives more control in mapping ACL SOCKET to USOCKET operations.
parent 53c94519
......@@ -88,6 +88,14 @@ longer anonymous, but has a meaningful name name."
(def-fake-slot excl:stream-error-identifier stream :default-value nil)
(def-fake-slot excl:stream-error-code stream :default-value 0)
(defmethod excl:stream-error-identifier ((condition ccl:socket-error))
(ccl:socket-error-identifier condition))
(defmethod excl:stream-error-code ((condition ccl:socket-error))
(ccl:socket-error-code condition))
;;; Misc
(defmacro excl:errorset (form &optional announce catch-breaks)
......@@ -316,10 +324,14 @@ values otherwise."
(let ((buffer (string-to-octets string :start start :end end)))
(excl:device-write stream buffer 0 (length buffer) nil)))
(defmethod stream-write-sequence ((stream excl:single-channel-simple-stream) sequence start end &key &allow-other-keys)
(excl:device-write stream sequence start end nil))
(defmethod ccl:stream-write-vector ((stream excl:single-channel-simple-stream) sequence start end)
(unless start (setf start 0))
(unless end (setf end (length sequence)))
(write-sequence sequence (underlying-output-stream stream)))
(excl:device-write stream sequence start end nil))
(defmethod stream-force-output ((stream excl:single-channel-simple-stream))
(force-output (underlying-output-stream stream)))
......@@ -20,32 +20,86 @@
(defclass zacl-socket (fundamental-binary-output-stream
:initarg :socket
:reader socket)
:initarg :real-stream
:reader real-stream)))
(defmethod stream-write-byte ((stream zacl-socket) byte)
(write-byte byte (real-stream stream)))
(defmethod stream-write-char ((stream zacl-socket) char)
(map nil (lambda (octet)
(write-byte octet (real-stream stream)))
(string-to-octets (string char))))
(defmethod stream-write-sequence ((stream zacl-socket) sequence start end
&key &allow-other-keys)
(when (typep sequence 'string)
(setf sequence (string-to-octets sequence :start start :end end))
(setf start 0)
(setf end (length sequence)))
(write-sequence sequence (real-stream stream) :start start :end end))
(defmethod stream-read-char ((stream zacl-socket))
(let ((byte (read-byte (real-stream stream) nil :eof)))
(if (eql byte :eof)
(code-char byte))))
(defmethod stream-read-byte ((stream zacl-socket))
(read-byte (real-stream stream) nil :eof))
(defmethod stream-force-output ((stream zacl-socket))
(force-output (socket-stream (socket stream))))
(defmethod close ((stream zacl-socket) &key abort)
(declare (ignore abort))
(socket-close (socket stream)))
(defun socket:make-socket (&key connect local-port local-host reuse-address
remote-port remote-host
format (backlog 5) type nodelay)
(declare (ignore format type))
(ecase connect
(let ((socket
(socket-listen local-host local-port
:reuseaddress reuse-address
:backlog backlog))
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:backlog backlog)))
(make-instance 'zacl-socket
:socket socket)))
(socket-connect remote-host remote-port :nodelay nodelay))))
(let ((socket
(socket-connect remote-host remote-port :nodelay nodelay)))
(make-instance 'zacl-socket
:socket socket
:real-stream (socket-stream socket))))))
(defun socket:accept-connection (socket)
(socket-accept socket))
(let ((incoming (socket-accept (socket socket))))
(make-instance 'zacl-socket
:socket incoming
:real-stream (socket-stream incoming))))
(defun socket:local-host (socket)
(ip-address-integer (get-local-address socket)))
(ip-address-integer (get-local-address (socket socket))))
(defun socket:local-port (socket)
(get-local-port socket))
(get-local-port (socket socket)))
(defun socket:set-socket-options (socket &key nodelay)
(setf (socket-option socket :tcp-no-delay) nodelay))
(setf (socket-option (socket socket) :tcp-no-delay) nodelay))
(defun socket:remote-host (socket)
(ip-address-integer (get-peer-address socket)))
(ip-address-integer (get-peer-address (socket socket))))
(defun socket:ipaddr-to-dotted (ip-integer)
(format nil "~A.~A.~A.~A"
......@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@
(:import-from #:bordeaux-threads
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