Commit da330e3c authored by Zach Beane's avatar Zach Beane
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If there's no URI scheme, return NIL from net.uri:uri-scheme.

The old code could return :NIL if that symbol existed in the image in
any form.
parent 268433c7
......@@ -45,8 +45,9 @@
;;; uri-scheme isn't as simple as the other accessors
(defun net.uri:uri-scheme (uri)
(values (find-symbol (string-upcase (uri-scheme (real-uri uri)))
(let ((scheme (uri-scheme (real-uri uri))))
(when scheme
(values (find-symbol (string-upcase scheme) :keyword)))))
(defun (setf net.uri:uri-scheme) (new-value uri)
(setf (uri-scheme (real-uri uri)) new-value))
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