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    ANSI test database can now contain multiple test results per version. · 6cb21dae
    We change the syntax of the ANSI test results database to allow the
    specification of a unique identifier plus other optional identifying
    information by allowing keyword/value pairs.  The keyword :ID
    specifies the identifier, which should be a symbol.  Other arbitrary
    keywords are allowed which specify additional information to be
    associated with the symbol specified by :ID in the *ID* hashtable.
    Not every test failure entry needs to specify this information.  In
    case of duplicates, the last entry wins.  Suggested other keywords are
    :JVM to specify the Java virtual machine, and :UNAME to specify the
    operating system/hardware combination in a GNU autoconf-like string.
    See the comments at the beginning of 'parse-ansi-errors.lisp' for more
    The utility has been packaged in ABCL.ANSI.TEST, showing up in the
    ANSI-COMPILED and ANSI-INTERPRETED ASDF systems loadable from
    A database of failures has been included in 'ansi-test-failures'.  It
    is intended that other developers entrich this database with their own
    test results.