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    asdf-jar: extensive grouting of accumulated bitrot · a6e963cc
    Mark Evenson authored
    Source ASDF systems residing in jar files may now be repackaged, as
    was the usually case for JSS which prompted this rework.
    We now neither package nor read fasls from jar files by default for
    two reasons.  First, configuring ASDF to not compile systems seems to
    have changed somewhat, so the finagling of output translations no
    longer seems to work.  Secondly, since the Lisp compiler is always
    present at runtime, fasls can always be created provided that ASDF has
    writable local directory, which would probably be true in almost
    all (?) deployment scenarios.
    We now attempt to package non-source artifacts declared in system
    definitions via asdf components that are files but not compiled
    artifacts as well as those which appear in the
    We have removed use of ASDF internal symbols as much as possible, but
    alas still use a couple internal interfaces where unavoidable.
    We no longer use the deprecated ASDF:*CENTRAL-REGISTRY* to add systems
    to the source registry.
    Resolves <>.