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    build: make building and running a local ABCL easier · e7a05ab4
    Mark authored
    (From a suggestion by Slyrus)
    Replace use of abcl.javac.{source,target} with the "magic"
    ant.build.javac,{source,target} properties.
    Explicitly configure 'abcl.release' target to use openjdk8 compilation.
    The Java compilation options are perhaps underspecified in terms of
    the target JVM in order to support a developer who simply wants to
    compile and run locally with least hassles.
    When preparing ABCL binaries for wider distribution, the values of the
    abcl.build.target.javac and abcl.build.source.java become more
    The 'abcl.properties.autoconfigure.*' targets use the
    ci/create-build-properties.bash script to set these options for
    various openjdk platforms.
    * * *
    build: build the wrapper with the release
    N.b. the wrapper is a local artifact, not supposed to be shipped with
    the release.