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The contributions to Armed Bear constitute Common Lisp only code that is potentially useful for system construction and distribution.


Loads and installs the Quicklisp library manager from the network
if not locally present.


ABCL specific extensions to ASDF, including resolution of binary
JVM artifacts cached from the network according to Maven metadata
with the derived transitive relationships.


Package ASDF system definitions into JVM artifacts for


A higher-order, more Lisp oriented interface for constructing Lisp
interfaces to existing binary code libraries available for the JVM
built on the primitives provided by the JAVA package.  Used in the
[lsw2][] Semantic Web package for dealing with OWL2 ontologies in
RDF(S) and other notations.


The "original" higher-order JVM interface descended from Rich
Hickey's work on the JVM before Clojure.  This implementation
currently uses a fork of the public [JFLI][] API that uses the
java interop of the ABCL JAVA package instead of the JNI


A collection of various useful JVM artifacts downloaded and cached
by the Aether Maven connector.  Requires the maven-3.0.3
executable "mvn" (or "mvn.bat" under MSFT Windows) to be in the
current processes's path. These artifacts load the binary
artifacts necessary in the current JVM process, 

mvn currently includes:

    JNA provides an the ability to dynamically link to shared
    executables on the host platform, needed by CFFI.

    An example of a dependency without an explicit version.


Advanced introspection of Java and Lisp runtime classes


The ABCL build system plus associated utilities for manipulating
path executables


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