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    port/port-discovery: How to find (and possibly make) a suitable port. · 8f3d227f
    Alastair Bridgewater authored
      * There is some clever magic here, along with an nq-clim private
    extension interface (not part of the specification) for creating
    new port instances.  For the most part, however, this is...
      * Actually, it's two different things, which is not right.  This
    file both manages the *ALL-PORTS* list for MAP-OVER-PORTS, it also
    covers FIND-PORT and *DEFAULT-SERVER-PATH*.  In order for this to
    work, CREATE-PORT would need an :AROUND method to update
    *ALL-PORTS*, removing that responsibility from FIND-PORT.
    *ALL-PORTS*, and maintaining *ALL-PORTS* would require methods on
    both DESTROY-PORT and CREATE-PORT, necessitating three files in
    place of one.  We might go there at some point, but not now.
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