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    Fix #8: Set *default-pathname-defaults* for cmucl. · 336d83c6
    Raymond Toy authored
    Set `*default-pathname-defaults*` for cmucl in `gclload1.lsp` so that
    it has the full path to `gclload.lsp`.  This is needed so that the
    tests can be loaded from the subdirectories.  Without this, each load
    file in the subdirectory is set to #P"" and when it tries to load a
    test file, it can't because the setting of
    `*default-pathname-defaults*` isn't pointing to the subdirectory but
    rather the main directory since #P"" means current directory, and
    cmucl hasn't changed it's current directory.
    This fix only applies to cmucl and no other lisps.