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    Dynamic callback defined in mobject, works for chebyshev · d3fd192d
    Liam Healy authored
    The class 'callback-included has been simplified by replacing several
    obsolete slots with 'callbacks and 'callback-dynamic.  The :callbacks
    static information is saved to a hash table so that it may be
    retrieved when the defmfun is expanded.  The function
    make-cbstruct-object to make the callback structure
    as an &aux variable in reinitialize-instance :after form expanded in
    defmobject is now a form expansion executed at macroexpand time.
    The argument :callback-object has been added to defmfun; this will
    result in the binding of the dynfn dynamic variable on expansion.
    The callback arguments for chebyshev definitions have been updated and
    the example works.
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