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    Split up definition of defmobject, add definition of defun* · 7b9eb8c5
    Liam Healy authored
    The definition of defmobject has become too large so the parts that
    are responsible for construction of the various functions are broken
    out as functions:
    The definition of callbacks for GSL will be changed so that the
    callback function (defmcallback) is defined at the time the function
    is defined, and the callback GSL structure is made (defcbstruct) at
    the time the corresponding defmobject is made, along with a freeing
    function to add to the finalizers.  (For callbacks used in functions
    without mobjects, the struct will be allocated before and then freed
    after the call.)  As a first step toward this organization, defun* is
    defined to handle in one form the definition of a CL function and of a
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