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    Better support for array returns (prototype roots-one), ordering of load · 94bcffd5
    Liam Healy authored
    In roots-one.lisp, added arguments for dynamic callbacks.  This is not
     (roots-one-example-derivative +newton-fdfsolver+ nil)
    causes both SBCL and CCL to crash to low-level debuggers.
    These changes included using a new function list-to-arrays in
    call-maybe-scalar so that multiple arrays can be set. 
    New file callback-compile-defs has definitions that are needed at
    compile time of later files.  Added a call record-callbacks-for-class
    in defmobject, in addition to the expansion in the form, because the
    hash table *callbacks-for-classes* needs to be updated with the class
    being defined for the macro make-cbstruct-object to work.  Added
    comments above defmobject to explain some of the arguments.
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