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    New errno code interpretation and gsl-condition definitions · d3d82a26
    Liam Healy authored
    Make a defconstant on earmuffed symbols of cffi:defcenum gsl-errorno,
    e.g. +continue+, +failure+, +success+, etc., and use those in
    define-gsl-condition forms in condition.lisp.  Remove the symbol macro
    definition of 'success.  Define a condition 'unspecified-errno in case
    an error code is processed that isn't in the list.  Redefine
    #'success-failure to true if either +success+ or +continue+, from
    In roots-multi, fixed error in multiroot-test-residual return for, and
    changed roots-multi-example-no-derivative to insure the loop is
    executed at least once so that fnval and argval are always bound
    before exiting.
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