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    2.014.8: make upgrade more robust. Various refactorings. · 01c612d6
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    * dynamically call 'foo a few places where #'foo was statically used.
    * a new function parse-version does parsing of a version string
     into a list of integers, or NIL if invalid
    * remove redundant first argument to register-system.
    * refactor the find-system protocol so finder functions may return
     a system object instead of a pathname, and use it for our fallback
     system function.
    * separate a function perform-plan out of the default operate method.
    * treat asdf upgrade specially when it is required by the plan.
    * introduce function upgrade-asdf that returns T when the ASDF version changed,
    * reinstate obsolete function system-definition-pathname as a cerror'ing
     alias for system-source-file.