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    2.26.82: much cleanups and fixes on the driver. · 21594070
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    Tests: SBCL passes test-lisp and test-upgrade
    * big refactoring of test infrastructure
    * contrib/debug.lisp and (asdf/driver:asdf-debug) for debugging.
    * remove aif and it, use the cleaner if-bind.
    * backtrace support, with improvements from trivial-backtrace.
    * integration of asdf-condition-control (originally from xcvb-driver)
    * simplify the upgrade heuristic: always tries to upgrade once.
      The previous heuristic was too complex with too many failure cases.
      You are thus assumed to want a given version asdf
      if and only if it is in your source-registry.