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    2.26.142: Update the system definitions. · 3abb3e42
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    A better asdf.asd.
    Refactor the preloaded system mechanism, use it for cl-launch 3.21.2.
    Rename bundle-pathname to build-pathname, move it from bundle-system to system.
    Rename the gcl<2.7 feature gcl2.6. Die on gcl2.5 and earlier.
    Don't even try to compile-file asdf using gcl 2.6, just load the .lisp.
    Rename asdf/compatibility to asdf/common-lisp, exporting only CL symbols.
    Fix define-package to correctly handle exporting of NIL.
    Also, make it work with Genera, with #'(lambda instead of (lambda,
    and using lisp:loop (via a macro loop*) when destructuring is required.
    Document more 2.27 changes in changelog.
    If there is no :pathname and no load-pathname,
    do NOT have a system pathname take defaults from *default-pathname-defaults*,
    but make it NIL.