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    2.29.9: in load-asd, preserve *print-pprint-dispatch* as well as *readtable*. · 5a70e8b6
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    Although I'd like to isolate .asd files from each other,
    copy-readtable and copy-pprint-dispatch are slightly too expensive
    to use lightly (cons 1648 and 2192 bytes respectively on CCL 1.9 x86-64,
    and more like 5300 and 10300 bytes on SBCL 1.1.3 x86-64).
    There is no portable way to ensure the tables are read-only, and
    bad things can happen if they are mutated while bound to the standard defaults.
    So for now, I'm doing the backward-compatible thing of letting users
    take responsibility for binding and mutating them, or more likely for success,
    avoiding to bind and mutate them.
    Thanks once again to Anton Vodonosov for his help with cl-test-grid.