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    2.016.2: Enhancements for MCL pathname and logical-pathname users. · 86b7de25
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    Major change for RMCL: location strings are now POSIX namestrings.
    Major change for logical pathnames: they are now preserved by source-registry;
    the price is that only logical pathnames for which merging the name and type
    commutes with truename will be found by directory-files and subdirectories.
    Minor change for GCL: dropped kluges for 2.6, which never was working.
    Simplifications in internals of (implementation-identifier).
    Removed *system-cache* and get-uid, which never were working right
    (bad attempts at allowing common-lisp-controller compatibility,
    but it only ever was but a giant gaping security hole in the waiting).
    Simplified resolve-relative-location-component
    (ugly because it was written before MERGE-PATHNAMES*).
    Updated documentation about the file location DSL.