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    1.721: integrate feedback from rtoym, p_l. · b8f0d69d
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    * for configuration directories, only match files in .conf
     that are not unix hidden files. This notably takes care of backups.
     (Solves issue found by p_l.)
    * Before calling the provide hook, CMUCL normalizes its argument to a string
     (as allowed per CLHS), which means symbols become uppercase strings
     before they reach ASDF that would downcase symbols. I've decided to always
     downcase the argument provided to this hook. (Solves issue raised by rtoym.)
     Note that are hook itself doesn't (PROVIDE ...) anything
     to be pushed onto *MODULES*. Maybe we should:
     (a) only try find-system when (equal (string arg) (string-upcase arg))
     (b) always string-downcase when calling find-system and
     (c) string-upcase again and provide.
     Not done in this commit, though.
    * Add #+cmu (:tree #p"modules:") to the wrapping-source-registry. (rtoym)