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    2.32.10: Patch a subtle issue causing multiple compilations + more · fefea18b
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    If system-a :depends-on (system-c ... system-b) and
    system-b :defsystem-depends-on (system-c), then
    system-c would have been loaded twice, first via the defsystem-depends-on,
    second via the plan for system-a which would have
    included the items from system-c before system-c was loaded.
    Also, allow an arbitrary number of qualifiers in inline-methods,
    not just 1 or 0.
    On CCL, don't punt on upgrade anymore: all tests are passing.
    Make UIOP compile on versions of ASDF older than 2.018.
    Finally, yet another tweak for run-program on Allegro on Windows.