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Add support for Clasp bytecode

Tarn Burton requested to merge yitzchak/asdf:add-clasp-bytecode-support into master

Clasp now has a bytecode compiler and can save bytecode into FASL files. The default build mode (non-bytecode) is FASO and has be used for over two years. Clasp no longer builds using object files and so much of the logic in uiop:compile-file* and elsewhere concerning object files is no longer needed. Specifically, Clasp uses atomic (as much as possible) file renames in cl:compile-file and in the FASL linkers. This makes the temporary file creation and renaming in uiop:compile-file* unneeded. In fact, it actually causes problems when we run Cando on an HPC cluster. I've removed all that logic of the for Clasp, but left it for other implementations.

I've also fixed some other miscellaneous things like the regression testing for Clasp which had some incorrect command line options. It may interest you to know that we are running the ASDF tests as part of our own regression testing.

FYI @drmeister

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