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uiop/run-program: fix abcl version identifier for development releases

Mark Evenson requested to merge mevenson/asdf:master into master

Without this patch, Elias' recent work on UIOP/RUN-PROGRAM won't be utilized on any ABCL which is built from development source.

ABCL uses the convention that development versions start appending strings separated via #- characters to the primary value returned by CL:LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION (e.g. '1.5.0-dev'). Such values cause the UIOP/UTILITY:PARSE-VERSION function to return nil, meaning that this is not a suitable conditional for whether LAUNCH-PROGRAM is invoked.

This patch uses the value of UIOP/OS:IMPLEMENTATION-IDENTIFIER to identify version. Unknown whether this would work on MKCL/ECL, which might simplify the code path here.

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