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    Introduce *wild-file-for-directory* · 93998ef5
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    When using DIRECTORY, the proper pattern to use to get all files
    is #p"*" and not #p"*.*" on CLISP and GCL.
    This is the opposite of other CL implementations, that
    match everything with #p"*.*" and only files without extension with #p"*",
    which seems more in line with the CLHS, though counter-intuitive wrt to POSIX.
    Now the proper pattern to match all files with TRANSLATE-PATHNAME and
    with logical pathnames is still #p"*.*" or #p"*.*.*".
    Therefore, we introduce a new parameter *wild-file-for-directory*,
    as distinguished from *wild-file*, for notable use with DIRECTORY-FILES.
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