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    Rework ABCL-BUILD as a contrib · f8592464
    ABCL-BUILD now more usefully installs necessary build machinery.
    Refactor the ABCL-BUILD Lisp based build to use use Ant, which allows
    us to canonicalize the build instructions in a much more configurable
    manner, restoring the cross-implementation build of ABCL for CL users
    who really do want to know about Java tooling.
    Since we want to use ASDF/UIOP anyways, this code is best expressed as
    an abcl contrib where such behavior can profitably take place.
    TODO: does not pass all tests
    TODO: API compatibility so that build-from-lisp.bash works
    TODO: If an invocable Ant cannot be found, then offer to install one via restart
    TODO: work backwards to the scenario that we are booting in pure
    interepreted mode without access to compilers.
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