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WIP: More scaffolding

Cheshire Yang requested to merge more-scaffolding into master


Goal: get the basic functionality in place.

  • Read input files with minimal hard-coding
  • Parse template tags from content files
  • Styles and scripts loaded into template file respectively
  • Create (or research) template tag for easily including static files
  • Basic presentable front-end "starter" template
  • Decide where static files should actually be located..

current status

  • Pages list is generated from directory. All top level pages rendered within the template with CSS. To-do: traverse subdirectories, load custom (page-specific) tags
  • CSS/JS files hard-coded for now because there should only be one of each

Currently dealing with an error while trying to render static files to output...

* (cl-site::make-site)

Debugger invoked on a SB-INT:SIMPLE-FILE-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {240C2BA9}>:
  error opening #P"C:/Users/cheryl/MASTER/CODE/cl-site/layout/static/":
    Access is denied.

I'm on a Windows machine (so I'm aware I'm probably on my own with this one). I'm not sure if it is an error with my code, or an error with something on my Windows config. Lisp is clearly able to access /layout/templates/ and other nearby directories so I'm not sure why this one is causing a permissions error.

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