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Added announcement box

Tim Plotnikov requested to merge tplotnikov/cl-site:master into master

Hello everyone! As per issue #27 (closed) , i've added announcement box right under navigation bar. It can be presented in 3 states:

  1. No announcements - this is regular representation, without any changes.Снимок_экрана_2018-11-04_в_12.37.37
  2. Announcement showed - The announcement message is visible.Снимок_экрана_2018-11-04_в_12.36.57
  3. Announcement hidden - as you can see, there is close button in the message box which allows to discard the message. First, i was thinking about saving timestamp when user discarded the message and showing message again after some period of time + if message was updated. But it has too many corner cases, so i decided just to add this little button to bring the message back :)Снимок_экрана_2018-11-04_в_12.37.06

P.S. If the message was updated, the announcement box will appear again no matter if it was closed or not.

P.P.S. In order to make this work, should be available. If someone wants to test it locally, make broadcast.html file in output/ folder and change announcementUrl var in layout/static/js/scripts.js.

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