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    Fix #40: Move start of heap space higher · c40b7a6b
    Raymond Toy authored
    This is a workaround for issue #40.  By moving the start of the heap
    to a higher address, we can still run on older systems (albeit with
    reduced max heap size), and run on newer systesm where the C code is
    now mapped at or overlapping the (old) heap start.  Arbitrarily choose
    0x60000000 as a compromise.
    This also requires moving the foreign linkage start to a different
    address because the old address overlaps the new C area.
    Ideally, we could fix this if we could map the heap wherever the OS
    wants to put it, but we're not there yet.
    Use boot-2017-04.lisp to bootstrap this change from the 2017-04
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