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Address #139: set default external format to :utf8

Raymond Toy requested to merge issue-139a-default-external-format-utf8 into master

This changes the default external format to utf8 instead of iso8859-1.

  • fd-stream.lisp:

    Create *stdin*, *stdout*, *stderr*, and *tty* streams using the :default external format. Since *default-external-format* is :utf-8, these streams will then use :utf-8 for the format.

  • extfmts.lisp:

    • Change *default-external-format* to :utf-8 instead of :iso8859-1.
    • Also change %find-external-format to treat the :default format to mean :utf-8 instead of :iso8859-1

Manually tested this by building cmucl and doing (print (code-char 945)). This should print a lower case Greek alpha character by default instead of #\?, which is what used to happen when the external format was :iso8859-1.

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