Commit 2f8ec334 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański
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refactor recurring pattern into macro

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kochmański's avatarDaniel Kochmański <>
parent 236cc883
......@@ -30,22 +30,41 @@ corresponding objects."
"{" str "}"))))
(apply #'add-translations name translations))
(defmacro with-language (name (dict miss m-fn) &body body)
"Conveniance macro which creates lexical invironment composed of
macro symbols which resolve to language list."
(let ((lang-entry (gensym)))
`(symbol-macrolet ((,lang-entry (getf *translations* ,name))
(,dict (first ,lang-entry))
(,miss (second ,lang-entry))
(,m-fn (third ,lang-entry)))
(defun ensure-language (name &optional cerror-p)
"If NAME isn't NIL and language doesn't exist - define it. If
CERROR-P non-NIL, then signal a condition if it doesn't exist,
otherwise just emmit a warning."
(when name
(with-language name (dict miss m-fn)
(unless dict
(if cerror-p
(cerror "Create language."
"Language ~A doesn't exist." name)
(warn "Implicitly creating language ~A." name))
(define-language name)))))
(defun add-single-translation (language phrase translation)
If LANGUAGE doesn't exist, it is implicitly created and a warning is
(check-type phrase string)
(symbol-macrolet ((lang-entry (getf *translations* language)))
(unless lang-entry
(warn "Implicitly creating language ~A." language)
(define-language language))
(ensure-language language)
(with-language language (dict miss miss-fn)
(declare (ignore miss-fn))
(format t "[~a] ~a -> ~a~%" language phrase translation)
(setf (second lang-entry) (remove phrase
(second lang-entry)
:test #'equal
:count 1)
(gethash phrase (first lang-entry)) translation)))
(setf miss (remove phrase miss :test #'equal :count 1)
(gethash phrase dict) translation)))
(defun add-translations (language &rest translations)
"Add any number of TRANSLATIONS for the given LANGUAGE"
......@@ -65,14 +84,10 @@ explicitly created. If no PHRASE is defined for a given language, it
is stored for later translation and replaced by PHRASE surrunded by
curly brackets."
(check-type phrase string)
(if language
(let ((lang
(or (getf *translations* language)
(progn (cerror "Create language."
"Language ~A doesn't exist." language)
(define-language language)
(getf *translations* language)))))
(destructuring-bind (dictionary missing missing-fn) lang
((null language) phrase)
(T (ensure-language language T)
(with-language language (dict missing missing-fn)
(declare (ignore missing))
(multiple-value-bind (result found?)
(gethash phrase dictionary
......@@ -81,8 +96,7 @@ curly brackets."
(pushnew phrase (second lang) :test 'equal)
(warn "Phrase \"~A\" isn't defined for language ~A."
phrase language))
#\# #\t
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