Commit 41ad564b authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Try to fix bitrotted prebuilt-system, based on initial MKCL support.

prebuilt-system isn't currently tested, and will bitrot again if it is kept this way.
parent 5db533b0
......@@ -185,6 +185,7 @@
*** have a function verify-strict-asd that can verify a asd is pure lp#541562
Then if it passes, use load-strict-asd.
If not, optionally issue a warning. Start migrating people toward that.
*** Include tests for prebuilt-system in test-bundle and in test-program.
* Learn to use cl-grid-test
** So we can easily make sure ASDF changes don't break stuff,
......@@ -353,22 +353,24 @@ itself.")) ;; operation on a system and its dependencies
(defmethod trivial-system-p ((s prebuilt-system))
(defmethod perform ((o lib-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod perform ((o link-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod component-depends-on ((o lib-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod perform ((o basic-fasl-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod component-depends-on ((o monolithic-lib-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod perform ((o lib-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod perform ((o fasl-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod perform ((o dll-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod component-depends-on ((o gather-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(defmethod output-files ((o lib-op) (c prebuilt-system))
(list (prebuilt-system-static-library c))))
(values (list (prebuilt-system-static-library c)) t))
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