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Update the TODO file

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* Decree that versions older than 2 years are not supported,
remove them from upgrade tests.
* Improve upgrade so that we don't lose state when upgrading from a "recent enough" ASDF.
This requires better upgrade tests, with hot data.
* ASDF 3.2: moving toward cross-compilation.
This would allow to get all or most of the benefits of XCVB
(reproducibility, scalability, applicability to mobile platforms, etc.),
except without the backward incompatibility of XCVB.
** Need to further split asdf:perform in two parts:
A part that runs on the host and specifies (as SEXP or string to read)
a form that must be evaluated on the target machine, not the host.
A trivial that runs on the target
and doesn't require ASDF or CLOS installed there (though maybe UIOP).
** Audit all the current users of perform, and offer them a new way;
they can keep the perform method to run on older versions of ASDF.
* Some out-of-line configuration mechanism for various options?
i.e. have files that override some variables around compilation of some systems.
* Find an easier way to bind variables around compilation and loading of files
* Find out why ABCL fails the timestamp propagation test.
* Fix bugs on
* fix directory-files to not return directories on CCL, etc. Add tests.
* use cl-test-grid to see if asdf-user can :use most (all?) of UIOP.
Unhappily, on SBCL, sb-grovel uses asdf and sb-ext,
which causes a clash with run-program.
Or has this been changed long enough ago? Can it be special-cased?
* have a mode to explain WHY a component needs to be recompiled.
* have a better defsystem form verifier - see lp#1007335
* have a function verify-strict-asd that can verify a asd is pure lp#541562
Then if it passes, use load-strict-asd.
If not, optionally issue a warning. Start migrating people toward that.
* have with-input-file use the encodings mechanism?
* have a single test .asd that tests as many features as possible, use it for upgrade test.
* implement deferred warnings support on lispworks
* work with cl-test-grid to eliminate deferred warnings from quicklisp libraries
* fix upgrade on clisp, cmucl, abcl (if still broken)
** Extract minimal test case, build a battery of automated tests
* Bug found by fe[nl]ix: infinite loop if the definitions in an asd file
are not in strict defsystem-depends-on dependency order.
** At least document the issue.
** Real solution: defer parsing and evaluation of defsystem forms.
* Learn to use cl-grid-test, to make sure ASDF changes don't break stuff,
and that breakage gets fixed quickly.
* Include some ABL test for stassats's thing:
* Include some ABL test for stassats's (now obsolete?) thing:
:centralize-lisp-binaries t :default-toplevel-directory *fasl-dir*)
* Make load-op a generic operation that selects the proper strategy
for each system, module or file, according to component properties and user-configuration:
compile the lisp file then load the fasl (load-fasl-op on a cl-source-file),
......@@ -35,9 +73,11 @@
concatenate all files for the system, then load the result (load-concatenated-source-op),
concatenate all files for the system, then link them and load the result (load-compiled-concatenated-op),
concatenate all files for the system *and* its dependencies, link and load (monolithic-load-compiled-concatenated-op).
* operation cleanup?
** Kill backward-compat functions after all clients have moved on.
** Kill original-initargs -- BEWARE, it currently has clients!
* Get rid of component-properties
** directly use component-properties:
*** yaclml.asd => misguided :features for version comparison
......@@ -112,3 +152,6 @@
*** ucw ucw-core
* ASDF4: search for this tag, rename things (incompatibly, thus) and cleanup code.
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